What does proVISION ASIA do?

proVISION ASIA empowers people and families affected with disability. We provide mobility aids, physiotherapy, job placement, English and Computer training, counseling, government advocacy, sports inclusion and also run a special needs school.

How did proVISION ASIA start?

n 1986, Americans Dr. Chip and Jean Kingery began work with marginalized communities in and around Bangalore. That work has evolved into what is now proVISION ASIA.

Why disability?

A staggering 21 million people in India are affected by disabilities. This is not only the largest group of its kind in the world now; but continued population growth will insure that India remains the home of the largest number of people affected by disabilities on the face of the planet. Disability and poverty go hand-in-hand, where job opportunities and socio-economic upliftment are not available to those who suffer physically or mentally.  Lack of health insurance and government provided support leaves disabled people behind. Driving this cruel cycle is often an underlying religious belief that people affected by disabilities are cursed, or are a curse; and that “bad karma” is responsible for their plight.
Although laws have been written to assist people with disabilities, too often there is little attempt by the government to inform them of their rights and societal benefits.  Free train and bus passes; monthly food rations; medical services and even housing are available; yet, they are unaware that these benefits exist.

How can is sign-up for proVISION ASIA emails?

We’re excited to add impact to your inbox! You can sign up for our email list here.

How can I contact you?

We would love to help answer any of your questions! You can reach us by submitting a request to our online form here or by calling our office at 080 23634312 .We’re open Monday through Friday between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. IST and we’re happy to assist you!

Where does proVISION ASIA work?

proVISION ASIA primarily works in Karnataka, India with our headquarters in Bangalore.


How can i donate to proVISION ASIA from outside of India?

To donate anywhere outside of India:

Online: Follow this link:

Wire Transfer: Follow the below instructions:

Account Name: proVISION ASIA
Account Number: 016901020457
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Branch Name: Indiranagar Branch, Bangalore

*Please email us at after you make the transfer for receipt information.

To qualify for 501(c)(3) Tax benefit  in USA only:

Online: To qualify your donations for Section 501(c)(3) click here.
You will be redirected to our USA partner website.

By check:
Global Training Network
7558 W. Thunderbird Rd.
Ste. 1, P.M.B. 449
Peoria, AZ 85381
Please earmark #446.01 in the memo area.

How can I donate to proVISION ASIA within India?


Wire transfer (For Foreign Passport holders:

Our FCRA registration number is 094421080

Account. Name: proVISION ASIA
ACC. No: 0211971816
Bank name: Kotak Mahindra bank
Branch: RT NAGAR Branch
*Please email us at after you make the transfer for receipt information.

Wire Transfer for Resident Indians
Account Name: proVISION ASIA
Account Number: 016901020457
Bank Name: ICICI Bank
Branch: Indiranagar Branch
*Please email us at after you make the transfer for receipt information.

Is my Donation eligible for Deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961?

Yes, all donations are eligible for Deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

How do I know that my money won’t end up in the wrong hands?

proVISION ASIA has a tested system of checks and balances to ensure proper use of funds, including regular internal and external audits. Spending reports are also published regularly for donors and the public.. We also have an anti-bribery policy in place.


How can i become an official CSR partner?

We partner with organizations that share our passion, value and operate with integrity. Our official partners make a significant annual contribution and work with us to launch unforgettable campaigns.
If you are interested in becoming an official corporate partner, please write to us here

My company is unable to become an official partner or sponsor a project. Can we still donate and make an impact?

Of course! We welcome support from a range of companies. Your company can donate a percentage of proceeds from your merchandise or get your employees involved by fundraising as a team and track your impact on our online giving platform.


What are the rules for volunteers?

We do have quite a few expectations in place for volunteers, this is both for the protection of the people we serve and also to make your time a more enjoyable one for everyone. We have a Child Protection Policy that must be followed by all visitors during their time on our property. In addition to this we have a Volunteers Agreement that all volunteers are required to sign.

How long can I volunteer?

There is no set time period. The deciding factors are volunteer’s interest, scope of work and availability of time. Some volunteers have worked with us for a minimum of 10 days others have been on our team for three years.